Adalit products are manufactured in Europe, specifically in our premises in Gijón, Spain.
24 May, 2020

But the “Made in Europe” label goes beyond the location of our factory.

When we talk about “Made in Europe”, we want to convey to the customer that our production processes meet the highest standards of quality and safety, that our products are made by a highly qualified team, that we implement quality control measures in all processes so that only products of exceptional quality arrive in the market, that our products are designed to work in the most dangerous environments and that, unlike others, we design products to work for many years.

“Made in Europe” means that we are committed to the development of functional and avant-garde lighting equipment, designed to facilitate the work of users, and so that they can carry out their activity safely and efficiently.

In addition, not only are our flashlights and lamps made in Europe, but 100% of our suppliers are also European. This ensures that our supply chain also meets the manufacturing standards imposed by the EU.

For us, “Made in Europe” means high quality and durability.



Time management is a very important task for the efficient performance of professional jobs in potentially explosive environments. Aware of it, we incorporate to our flashlights different systems to know the time of light that we have.

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